Society 6 Curated Picks!

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One of my favorite places for affordable and unique art is Society 6. I have a huge love and respect for all you artists out there and can’t wait to promote your beautiful pieces! Afterall, art makes you feel things, whether it’s a photo that reminds you of childhood or an abstract that helps calm and center you, there’s no denying that the right art can elevate your mood and complete your space. Art is  very personal so even though I’m showcasing my favorites, don’t be afraid to explore and find the right pieces that speak to you.

For this first post I’m going a little crazy on my favorites. There’s so many I can’t choose!

I seriously cannot get enough of these mini plant prints of cacti and succulents! Maybe it’s because, despite my upbringing on a farm, I can’t keep the real ones alive for more than a week.  These will be sure to stick around and bring joy every day!


Aloe Tiki

Green Fingers

Red Plaid Cactus

Cactus & Succulents

Plaid Cacti

I’m obsessed with ferris wheels and carousels.  These prints are in beautiful soft colors that appear as memories.  They instill sweet thoughts of cotton candy and children’s laughter.

Pastel Horse II

Green Ferris on Pink

Twin Hearts

Soft Aqua Ferris Wheel



Abstracts work in just about any style.  They can be bold and colorful or soft and calming.  They can be oversized and make a statement or used in a series to add interest and color.  Here just a few of my faves!

Winter is Coming


Abstract Painting V

Dissolving Blues

Kali F1

Sloane – Abstract painting in modern fresh colors navy, mint, blush, cream, white, and gold

Check back regularly here as I showcase more of my favorites!

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