Farnsworth House


Wondering what the 14 year wedding anniversary gift is? Did you guess ivory? Traditionally, you’d be correct but if you’re a designer, it’s architecture! At least for this designer it is. I hand drafted the house in college so it was a special treat to finally make the field trip! Farnsworth house was designed by Mies Van der Rohe and completed in 1951 for Dr. Farnsworth as a weekend retreat. It is, simply put, an icon of modern architecture. It’s a steel and glass sanctuary set on a beautiful Midwest landscape on a wooded plot along the Fox River.   The clean lines and minimal materials allow you to focus on the beauty of the landscape and appreciate the marriage between the man made and God given. The openness of the space created from uninterrupted glass walls gives a feeling of floating above nature.   Every detail has been thoughtfully executed from the precision of the steel corners to the uninterrupted Primavera wood panels inside.   It’s truly breathtaking. So I’ll leave you with a little feast for the eyes and let you decide how it makes you feel…


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