Mad Love for the Midwest

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I am a Midwest girl, through and through. I grew up in Michigan and spent summers enjoying the outdoors camping, hiking, swimming (in our many many lakes!) Winters were not ignored either with snowmobiling and ice skating. Even though I lived several years in the southern states and spent some time overseas, I don’t think I ever really left the Midwest and now I boast 17 years in the Chicago area. Living here I have been able to enjoy big city living with a small town feel. We’re also in close proximity to Wisconsin and Michigan for quick trips of exploring! So I was thrilled to discover a magazine that celebrated the Midwest through gorgeous images and spotlights on small businesses, emerging artists, and delicious recipes. Driftless is an ad free, liftestyle and adventure magazine printed bi-annually.   The beautiful images and layout evoke that Pure Michigan nostalgia of my own childhood adventuring. It’s about savoring the journey.


The irony of raving about a print magazine on a blog is not lost on me. However, I’m a huge fan of print. There is something about picking up a book or magazine and turning the pages and admiring the photography. These two are currently adorning my coffee table and I can’t wait to pick up more!

Don’t forget to head over to the website to check it out for yourself


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