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I love a good Before and After! While I don’t always remember to take the photos, I get so excited to see how the space transforms! I’ve rounded up some of my oldie but goodies and a peek at a few new ones.


Krupinski before-after

This home had oh so much beautiful Chicago charm with rich woods, beautiful mouldings and doors and even some stained glass to boot.  The kitchen did not reflect ANY of that!  We wanted to compliment the home with a kitchen that embraced all of those details.   The kitchen includes leaded glass cabinet inserts, soapstone counters and 3D marble backsplash (and did I mention that range?!)


slotkin2 before and after

This is the world’s smallest master bathroom and screaming for help.  Because of it’s size, it was important to make it functional and feel more open.  To do that, we replaced the sink with a vanity for a little storage.  The medicine cabinet stayed and we added mirrors to reflect some light and help the space feel larger.  The tub and soffit were removed and replaced with a light, bright shower and frameless shower door.  There are lots of tile details here to make it interesting and give our clients a reason to get up in the morning!


Choi Before-After (1)

I know you’re asking, “what is happening here” in that before shot?  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this kitchen and make it more functional!  Those soffits and strange upper cabinets had got to go!  This kitchen opened up to the living space (but not so well in the before) so they wanted it to reflect their own style and make it more functional.  We changed the layout so the kitchen could be accessed from both the living room and hallway leading to the back door.  The white cabinets, light quartz countertops and that gorgeous tile gave them that bright, beautiful kitchen they were dreaming of!


Webb bath 1 before and after

Again with the dark spaces!  These clients wanted to personalize the new home they just purchased.  That dark bathroom wasn’t working for them (yes that’s a black toilet peeking through there).  We brightened it up with some gorgeous tile, shiny fixtures and glass shower doors (the new light fixtures helped too).


Webb bath 2 before and after2Webb bath 2.1 before and after

This small basement bath needed some character.  The patterned marble tile shower did it for me.  I was sold.  We topped this off with some glass shower doors (because who wants to hide that tile?) that were not yet installed when the photo was taken.



Andrews Before_AfterIMG_5223

This gourmet cook was lacking some counter space (and the range of his dreams).  We created a little pass through to the dining area which had a gorgeous view of downtown Chicago.  Add some top of the line appliances, a sleek appearance and more counter space and we’re ready for Top Chef.



This Northwest Chicago home was definitely ready for some upgrades.  The client wanted to keep her traditional style and add some more rustic elements.  We played with the layout a bit to make the space more functional.  The island allowed us to remove the table and give her the prep space she so needed. We also moved back the entry into the kitchen and incorporated a pantry to provide more usable storage.  A ledger stone backsplash, copper veneered hood and beautifully detailed cabinetry gave her the update she needed while keeping with her traditional style.


Dattomo before and afterDattomo before and after dining

Decor and furniture can make a big impact too!  Do you see what’s missing in that after photo (I’m not referring to the Christmas decorations)?  You guessed it – the TV.  This client wanted to focus on each other and not the TV.  We changed up the layout to provide a more conversational area.  Now the focus is on family (and those beautiful furnishings) and not the talking box.  Throw in some beautiful blues, pattern and texture and you have a recipe for success.


Dattomo bonus before and after

One of my favorite rooms!  I seriously wanted to move in here but the client wasn’t up for a roommate.  Maybe just a sleepover now and then, pretty please?  This space was meant for lounging, playing board games and just enjoying life.  The art became the inspiration for the room making it playful and happy.


CAIRNS before and after 3CAIRNS before and after 2

This bathroom had some functionality issues starting with that corner tub taking up 1/2 the bathroom.  The clients were shocked at the size of the bathroom after we removed that tub!  I still wonder about those cabinets being hung above each sink.  What, how… So many questions as to how those decisions came about.  Now, they love their new vanity space!  To make up for some storage, we added a linen cabinet that matched the vanity on the other side of the room.  Why not, that bathroom has so much more space now!


Wong Family before and after

This photo was taken pre-art and accessories but it’s a great way to show how much of an impact a little paint on a fireplace can do!  Pair that up with some contrasting furniture that’s easy on the eyes and you have a winner.  I want to take a nap on that sofa, I’m just saying.

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