Style Mixing and Making a Space Your Own

Mixing Design Styles

Defining your style can be difficult and sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in a particular box.  Sometimes those defining styles get a little blurry and that’s okay!  Today we’re discussing three distinct styles and how they can blend together and still look different and individual.

Contemporary, simply put, is the style of today.  This style is ever-changing as today’s contemporary certainly isn’t the same as the 80’s contemporary.  It follows current decor trends in colors, furniture styles and materials.  You may find somewhat cleaner lines and geometric forms yet not as strict as with modern design.  It will probably have some neutral foundational pieces and incorporate color more subtly.  As mid-century modern is trending, you may also find some of these accents in the legs of furniture, wood colors or nature inspired pieces.  Contemporary can be difficult to define as trends change and can be somewhat subjective but this is what makes it so great and easily infused with other styles!

Glam is distinctive from the get go!  It’s extravagance and elegance.  You’ll find rich, luxurious fabrics, deep, saturated colors, and anything that sparkles or shines.  It is sultry and cool.  Velvets and silks, shiny metal and rich colors scream drama.  Glam design is eye candy first, function second and often comes with a little whimsy or quirkiness to make you smile.

In contrast, Boho has a certain ease to it.  It’s a relaxed style that looks like it’s been developed over time.  Pieces look more collected and overall less fussy.  You’ll find pattern and color mixing and lots of layering and texture.  Colors may range from warm and earthy to more jeweled tones.  Textiles are important using pillows, throw blankets, rugs and wall hangings.  It embraces natural elements and materials bringing the outdoors in.  Boho can often be referred to as eclectic as well but more on that in another style blog!  Let’s dive into the three styled renderings.


This room follows much of the Glam coolness starting with that rich, green velvet sofa with the gold legs.  Luxurious-check, shiny-check. The green and pink color palette is a contrast of soft and bold.  Gold accents are used throughout the space.  Contemporary peeks its head with the furniture stylings, the geometric linear rug and some of the more abstract artwork. The colors could also lean more contemporary as well as the greens and blush pinks are trending.


loft 2


This space uses mostly neutral colors with clean lines in the furnishings.  It’s green rug adds some color without overwhelming the space.   The legs in the sofa lean towards mid-century modern and it brings plants and greenery into its decor.  It’s simple without too much decoration and has a subtle sophistication.


loft 3


Layering and textures define this space.  The pattern mixing with the updated traditional rug, striped blanket and printed pillows make it feel more casual.  There are ample textures in the rattan framed chair, wood and stone table, and leather sofa.  It has more earthy toned foundational pieces and some deeper colors added in the accents.  The outdoors is brought in with addition of the greenery and that great photo on the wall. The sofa is a more contemporary style with cleaner lines.  Overall, the design is scaled back a bit from accessories to furnishings, differing from a true Boho styled space.

Mixing styles can be a fun way to add a little individuality and personality to a space.  Afterall, we rarely describe ourselves with one defining characteristic.  We are humans; surprising, complex and intriguing.  We should celebrate that in our design as well!  It can be difficult trying to imaging how that all fits together in a space and how to know when it works and when it doesn’t.  Seeking out an interior designer that embraces your individuality and can help you hone in on your style is paramount in developing a space that feels like your own.

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