Small Patio DIY


We live in a small space and so we wanted to carve out a little outdoor space to enjoy this year.  With Summer rapidly coming upon us filled with birthday parties and get togethers, we couldn’t wait to start working on our small patio!  Now it feels like an extension of our home and one of my favorite places to be.  I can keep one eye on the kids and one eye on a good book.  We eat dinners here, play games and just unplug.  It was a great little DIY project that started on Mother’s Day (because DIY is my ideal way to spend a day) and finished up just in time for my daughter’s 5th birthday a couple weeks later!

I scoured the internet looking for patio furniture that would fit the small space and function the way I needed it to but kept coming up empty handed.  I just couldn’t find the right layout or scale.  So I went to the drawing board, literally.  I started with some sketches to see if it looked doable, and then put them to plan so that my husband had a set of guidelines to build.  Or just so I could say “see, I said do it this way”.   I don’t think my husband expects any less from me.  I wanted seating that wouldn’t take up the entire patio and have a place to set a drink or add some planters for color.


We had to let the lumber sit for a few days before we could actually get to work (it rained for a week straight).  We joked that it looked like we were hiding a couple of dead bodies under there.  I bet the neighbors were relieved when we finally started pulling lumber out from under there!



When we DIY it often becomes a family affair.  My daughter’s first word was Depot (for Home Depot) and she would shout in glee every time we passed one.  So they were a great help getting materials and picking out plants!  Of course, there’s always time for a quick swing and a hug.


We had some decisions to make on what material to use.  Originally, we were going to use outdoor decking for the ease and durability but I just wasn’t crazy about the stain colors so we turned to weather treated wood where we could choose our own.  After some debate, we ultimately chose a light gray stain that I think turned out great.

Send in the clean up crew!

We still have a bit of work to do with some finishing touches and I would love to get a small firepit.  It’s been so hot, though, I haven’t been able to go there yet! So stay tuned for updates!


For today, we’re loving the space and I can’t wait to sneak out there after the kids go to bed to have a little “me” time.  Now to get rid of those mosquitoes…

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