2021 Kitchen Trends

Construction is moving forward this year at a rapid rate and kitchens are becoming a focus as we examine how our homes are functioning.  They are no longer just a place to prepare meals; they’ve become our command center, schoolwork stations, and where we hold zoom happy hour.  They are an extension of our offices, family and dining rooms.  Designers and homeowners alike are thinking more creatively on their kitchen spaces.  They’re no longer serving only one function and with spending so much time in them we want to see some personality. So, let’s talk about what we’re seeing in this new idea of the kitchen space and the trends that are shaping out in 2021.


While white is timeless and we will see it still for a long time, color is making a comeback.  We’re thinking of creative ways to bring color in while still maintaining elegance in a kitchen that will surpass momentary trends.  Color is popping up in cabinetry whether it’s just base cabinets or an island or even mixing more than one color in the space.  Adding it to the backsplash or countertop is a fun way to create contrast and interest without overwhelming the space.  Or you may see it in the walls with a patterned wallpaper and saturated color tones.  Because the kitchen has become the center of the home, why not add that personality, hang that artwork and let your individuality shine through?

DESIGN: Bethany Christensen Design

Bold and earthy backsplash paired with gorgeous barstools add a splash of color to the natural tones and textured light fixtures. The mix of color and texture create an ever so chic space!

DESIGN: Jean Stoffer Design

These deep saturated green-blue cabinets do not disappoint! Painted in Benjamin Moore Newberg Green and highlighted with the gorgeous marble and warm wood tones it is the perfect recipe for a simply stunning kitchen.


Mixing woods, metals, stones, woven and natural materials create texture and depth to a space.  They can bring in warmth and add personality.  They compliment and elevate the white kitchen and add dimension.  We are going to see wood tones paired with white cabinetry, warm metals like golds and bronzes, and countertops in stones and quartz with veining. 

DESIGN: Trickle Creek

Stone, wood, steel and glass Oh My! A combination of perfection. The kitchen remains light and bright yet the pairing of textures provides depth and interest on a whole other level.

DESIGN: Stella Interiors

Mixed metals, wood tones and crisp white are in a league of their own. Yes you can have simplicity and warmth!


We’ve been reconsidering open plans in more recent years and trading them for more storage.  Analyzing our spaces this past year, we’ve seen a need to declutter and simplify.  In the face of chaos and uncertainty, we’ve been craving organization and functionality.    Also, having the entire family at home, it’s guaranteed that there will be more than one person in the kitchen at a time.  Adding more kitchen workspace including prep, cleanup and service areas will allow the family to work together.  If the space is large enough, double islands can provide extra workspace, cabinetry storage and increase functionality.   


Not only does this kitchen boast two islands for extra counterspace for both prep and dining, it has floor to ceiling cabinetry that provides storage galore. The wall of cabinetry is offset by open shelving on the adjacent wall and contrasting color tones that compliment each other beautifully.

Another way to add storage is adding a separate ancillary cabinetry space.  We’re going to see more butler’s pantries, expanded mudrooms, and serving areas.  The secondary kitchen space supports the main kitchen with extra storage and more counterspace.  It allows the main kitchen to stay organized and uncluttered and still remain open.  This is a great place to keep the “junk drawer” that takes up unwanted real estate in your kitchen.  It can hold serving dishes and barware or make it a coffee bar!  This small support space can also add the freedom to incorporate more color, pattern and creativity to compliment the neutrality of a main kitchen. 

DESIGN: Jean Stoffer Design

Bold Color and brassy accents with ample storage create a swoon-worthy and functional space to support the main kitchen. Also, can I just come over for coffee please?

DESIGN: Michelle Gage Interior Design

The details in this butler’s pantry are divine. From the printed wallpaper to the elegant cabinetry and the brassy fixtures and hardware, no detail is overlooked. The cabinetry, drink station and extra prep space are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

DESIGN: we3 dwellings

This tucked away corner really packs in the storage. The extra drawers and the microwave are great way to add function to style.


We are finding more homeowners investing in luxury finishes and fixtures to elevate their kitchen spaces.  Adding just a touch of luxury can easily take a kitchen from standard to custom with just a few details.  Consider your lighting which is not only functional but can really pack a punch in the aesthetic.  Brassy and gold finishes are popping up in hardware, fixtures and even in tile grout!  Handmade and handcrafted items like tile can add a personalized and custom touch.  And don’t forget the appliances!  Then can come in a multitude of colors and metals to create a focal point in your space.  Fixtures such as touchless faucets are a great choice (especially during a pandemic) and free up your hands and keep things clean! 

DESIGN: Avenue Design Inc LIGHTING: Dounia Home

Luxe details in the light fixtures and black marble to the fixtures and appliances add just the right amount of drama.

DESIGN: Becki Owens

This gorgeous black and brass European range steals the show but let’s not overlook the details that make it shine. The gold hardware, reclaimed wood shelves and brassy sconce go the extra mile adding character and personality to this kitchen.


While kitchens are getting more storage in secondary spaces, it’s freeing up kitchens to think twice about those upper enclosed cabinets.  In expanding our existing kitchens, it often requires removing a wall or two and in doing so, eliminating the possibility of upper cabinetry altogether.  We are seeing more kitchens with open shelving or no upper cabinetry at all.  The sleek, effortless appearance can be absolutely beautiful and make a small space feel larger.  This open option also looks great paired with interesting architecture or a treated ceiling.  This openness creates an opportunity to include some amazing light fixtures.

DESIGN: Amber Interiors

Beautiful open shelving, check. Bold color cabinetry, check. Luxe details, check check! This kitchen has it all and it shows.

DESIGN: Blue Leaf Home Decor

The beauty of the lack of upper cabinetry is the pairing of architectural details with the base cabinets. The beamed vaulted ceilings and set of windows make the room feel spacious and adds details that are a feast for the eyes.

DESIGN: deVOL Kitchens

A single shelf displaying artwork speaks volumes of personality. Luxury encompasses the space with the marble and gold details mixed with the saturated cabinetry and wall color.


Dark and moody has started to make an appearance and we’re expecting to see more of this to come.  In contrast to the bright, white kitchens, homeowners and designers are looking to make a statement on the other end of the spectrum.  The deep saturated color brings drama and elegance.  From graphite and black to deep greens and blues they make a statement.  If an entirely dark kitchen isn’t for you, think about contrasting it with fresh white or lighter grays for an equally dreamy space.

DESIGN: Design Strom

The deep, dark cabinetry is contrasted with open shelving and white walls that is equally sophisticated and dramatic. The gold/brassy hardware and wood tones add texture and warmth to the room.

DESIGN: Bobby Berk

Dark, bold cabinetry in a masculine and sophisticated design. It’s both sexy and edgy with crisp lines and modern touches that is innovative and timeless.


This past year has had many feeling trapped in their own homes and we’ve found extending our spaces to the outdoors not only expands our square footage but expands our mental well-being.  What used to be considered an option is now a must-have. Family meals are served outside under the stars and sun.  Cooking outside becomes more routine and homeowners are thinking about grills, smokers and pizza ovens to compliment their indoor kitchens.

DESIGN: Meme Hill

Light and Airy breath of fresh air (excuse the pun) with all the bells and whistles. A true extension of the main kitchen in its location. The mix of stainless steel, gray cabinetry and crisp countertops feel both contemporary and classic.

DESIGN: Grow Landscapes

Modern lines and materials merge beautiful with the outdoors. Fresh, urban and seamless.

Whatever the trend, remember this is your home and should reflect your lifestyle and personality. Examine your needs as a family and never compromise your own design goals and functionality needs with today’s trends.

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