Easy Bedroom Updates

It’s been a long year with COVID and snow and if you’re in the Midwest, more snow.  We’ve been cooped up in our homes and we need a change!  We need to love our spaces again.   While for some of us that may mean a remodel or redesign of the space but for others it might just be a refresh.  So, for the next few articles we’re going to be exploring some quick updates and a few DIY weekend projects that can help us fall in love with our spaces again. First up is the bedroom.

The bedroom should be our sanctuary, where we can dream and find peace.  If your bedroom is not doing that for you right now, STOP.  It’s time to re-examine how your bedroom is making you feel.  First off, I cannot stress enough the importance of making your bed first thing in the morning.  For me, it provides me with some control over my day and clears the clutter of yesterday.  It’s a refresh right from the start.  When the bed is made, the room feels clean and neat.  It’s your first accomplishment of the day, you’re already a winner!  

Image: Left and Level

So, with the bed made, does it still look a little sad?  Is it missing something?  You’re bedding can make a huge impact on your room and it’s the one luxury that will literally make you sleep better.  Consider this the first stop in changing things up.  New sheets and pillows and adding a throw are nice quick edits that can make a big statement and they don’t have to break the bank. I like to change up my throw blankets and pillows depending on the season.  For cooler months a soft, faux fur and in summer a linen or gauzy throw that add some texture.  Pillows are a fun way to mix up the overall look or add texture as well and keeping it simple can make task number one (making your bed) feel less like a task.  Think about adding or swapping out just the lumbar pillow for a quick and easy update.

Image: Studio McGee

Our bedside tables are another great place to add some love.  This is pretty much that last thing we see at night.  It should make you feel good, inspire you!  Add some items that make you smile.  These may be items you already own – perhaps a photo of your favorite place (or person), artwork that inspires you, favorite book, a candle with a scent that reminds you of something that makes you happy, some greenery or fresh flowers.  These are the last items you see before you dream at night, add items that will send you off to sweet dreams. 

Image: Honestly WTF
Image: The Everygirl
Image: tabledecor

Scents can impact our moods as well.  They can heal, help relax, and soothe the soul.  A scented candle, essential oils or room sprays can set the stage for a relaxing night in. Lavender, vanilla, bergamot, and chamomile are all great scents for sleeping.

Image: doTERRA

Lighting can make all the difference in the room.  First, the color of the bulbs can take dark and dingy to soft and white.  Use a slightly warmer color temperature for a cozy and relaxing feel. Think about layering your lighting so that it comes from different sources and can be manipulated throughout the day.  For example, using overhead lights like recessed cans or a center ceiling fixture mixed with table lamps or wall sconces, maybe a floor lamp near accent seating or reading nook.  For some romance you could add some twinkle lights! 

If you’re short on space using wall sconces or pendants can free up your bedside tables and can offer more flexibility in function.  A sconce with a wall arm is great for reading in bed.

Image: Coco Kelley

If you’re thinking about a weekend project to spruce up your bedroom, the headboard is a great place to start!  Whether it’s wood, upholstered or just paint, the possibilities are endless.  Check out some of these ideas for a little DIY inspo!

Channel Headboard – Image: Designed Simple
Painted Headboard – Image: My Desired Home
Wallpaper Headboard – Image: Alvhem Makleri via Apartment Therapy
Fabric Wall hanging – Image: The Office of Charles de Lisle
Cushion Headboard – Image: Whitney Leigh Morris
Modern Geo Headboard – Image: Ana White
Mid Century Modern Wood Headboard – Image: DIY Candy

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