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Design Dilemma Features!

You’ve got dire design dilemmas, color conundrums, furniture placement problems,  functionality frustrations and overall nagging design challenges… and I’ve got answers!  I hear you friend, I want to help! Sometimes those small (and not so small) problems can stop you from moving forward and making changes that can literally make a world of difference on how you live and function in your home.

So here’s the good news, each month I will be selecting and featuring a reader’s design dilemma to tackle those tricky trouble areas (for free!).  So if you’d like some expert advice, recommendations and a clear plan of action here’s what you need to do:

If you’d like to be featured, email me at . Please include:

  1. Pictures of your space (and adjacent spaces if relevant)
  2. Measurements and/or floor plan of the area in question
  3. A description of your dilemma (include as much information as possible, the more the better!)
  4. Your City & State, your Instagram handle if you’d like to be tagged!
Tips for submission:

-When taking photos, get as much of the space as possible in each one.
-It’s best to take photos in daylight, without the flash.
-Please don’t include people in the photos.
-Don’t forget pertinent measurements! (overall room size, furniture sizes, windows, etc) and/or a floor plan
-Include links to furniture, if possible
-Provide as much information as possible!

Here are some dilemmas to get you started.  Let me know how I can help!

-How can I refresh my dated bathroom?
-What are some quick ways to update my kitchen without a whole remodel?
-I need recommendations for a rug pattern, color and size for my room.
-What paint colors would work with my existing furniture?
-How do I arrange furniture in my open concept space?
-How do I style my bookshelves?
-What type of seating should I do in my living room?
-How do I style my mantle and fireplace?
-Do my woods need to match?
-Should I paint or stain my trim and mouldings?
-I need help selecting pillows for my sofa.

….These are just to name a few, what has you stumped?


I can’t WAIT to help!



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